Plataforma de contenido QR para profesionales


QR code for your business card

Simply add a QRky QR code to your business card artwork, login and start building your profile.

Guarda tus contactos inmediatamente

Actualiza correos electrónicos, números de teléfono o direcciones de internet con un simple gesto - se acabaron las complicaciones mientras utilizas tus aplicaciones.

Update profile and track scans

Login to your profile to update your profile. See stats on where your card was scanned and what leads you generated from it.


What is a QR code?

QR codes codes are two dimensional barcodes, which opposed to standard barcodes which are a series of vertical lines, are a square matrix format which means they can hold much more information. They can be scanned by any smart-phone and typically link to a website address.

QRky QR codes

Most QR codes link to a generic website, offering little value to the end user when scanning the code. Our platform is designed specifically for sharing information about people so is ideal for business cards, helping the end user increase their ROI on networking. QRky QR codes offer real value on your business cards, acheiving a better ROI on your networking efforts, leading to increased leads.

Cómo funciona

Comprueba lo fácil que es añadir códigos QR de Qrky a tus tarjetas de visita y administra todo el contenido.

En los medios

Echa un vistazo a la sección de notícias y descubre quién habla de nosotros.

Try the QRky risk-free for two weeks

Pick a plan & sign up in 60 seconds. You can cancel at any time, so you aren’t tied in to a plan that you find doesn’t fit you perfectly. All our plans include unlimited scans and customisation of your profile, and analytics come as standard.

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